Carnival 2016

Was Saturday 18th June 2016

Organised by the Hall Committee.
Thank you to all who supported the day.
We hope you had an enjoyable time.

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Road sign for Carnival 2016c16floats03 c16floats02 c16floats01 c16el c16edupets c16eddie c16dancers01 c16crownthequeen c16visitors09 c16visitors08 c16visitors07 c16visitors06 c16visitors04 c16visitors03 c16visitors02 c16visitors01 c16stalls15 c16stalls14 c16stalls12 c16stalls11 c16stalls10 c16stalls09 c16stalls08 c16stalls07 c16stalls06 c16stalls05 c16stalls04 c16stalls03 c16stalls02 c16singers c16royalty c16rhysgeof c16presidentandgeynon c16playgroupfloat c16piratefloat c16onthegate c16officials c16kitchenstaff c16kingandqueencrowned c16jas c16genview1 c16footballers01 c16floats06 c16floats05 c16floats04c16stalls13Letterston Carnival 2016 Singing For Fun choir