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Drum Kit Tow July 2021

Bob’s Drum Kit which he towed 110 miles in 48 hours from Cardiff

In aid of the charity ‘CRY’ local man Bob Thomas towed his 150kg Drum Kit for 110 miles from Cardiff to Letterston in 48 hours non-stop. He then set up his kit and played a Gig with his Band in the grounds of Letterston’s Memorial Hall on the evening of Saturday 24th July 2021.

Bob’s efforts were in aid of charity ‘CRY’ Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Please check his facebook.

Bob started fresh at Cardiff at 8pm on 22nd with an over-enthusiastic speed of around 3.9mph but soon settled into a more realistic tow of around 2.5mph although Bob and his supporters showed an extra burst of speed on the home run after Haverfordwest! He averaged a magnificent speed of 2.3mph non-stop from Cardiff over ~110 miles taking around 48 hours, an Ultra-marathon indeed. Well done Bob!
And well done his superb support team which included camera and drone operators and safety walkers/collectors as well as the home team which set up the screen technology in the Memorial Hall grounds for people to monitor his progress and even talk to him during his efforts.

We present below a selection of Photos to record the event:

Bob Thomas Drum Kit Tow Route from Cardiff to Letterston
Bob’s Route 110 miles over 48 hours