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Heart Attack?

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CALL 999. Start CPR if patient not breathing.

Send a runner to the Memorial Hall
or to the old Bus Shelter on the village green.
Open the black box with your fingers.
GRAB the Orange Defribillator and GO!

The instructions are in pictures on the Defribrillator.

Follow guidance on the machine (some details here  Samaritan_Pad_360P_English but not needed on the day as machine is automatic).

It is not absolutely necessary to have undergone the training to use the defibrillator but obviously this will help to speed up the time taken to start caring for the patient, and speed of action is vital for a positive outcome in case of heart attack. The machine will carefully guide you through what is required and it will not shock a patient who does not need it.

Remember to CALL 999 before doing anything else.

There are TWO  DEFIBRILLATORS in the village:

One is mounted in the porch of the front door of the MEMORIAL HALL
and the other is in the old Bus Shelter on the village green.

For use by anyone in an emergency.

Thanks to the Buffs for providing this equipment.

BEFORE the event (!), you might want to view the information below:

British Heart Foundation. How to use a defibrillator:
Click this link

St Johns ambulance Youtube videos:
Heart Attack Symptoms & How to Treat a Heart Attack
How to Use a Defibrillator (AED)