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Wheelchair Access
Wheelchair Access

Letterston Memorial Hall Access

We hope this statement enables you, as a potential visitor, to decide how the Memorial Hall meets your needs in terms of access and services.

Public transport is available to Letterston on a regular basis. The nearest bus stop is 300 yards from the LMH building with no significant hills or obstacles.

LMH is located immediately off the roadway with disabled parking bays identified close to the main entrance. The car park has a good surface with smooth access to the building.

Drop-off close by an entrance door is almost always available.

Wheelchair access is available by ramps at both the entrances, with an automatic door in operation at the side entrance.

The Hall floor is one level throughout.

There is a roomy disabled toilet near the side entrance.

Service Dogs are welcome.

Drinking water is always available from the kitchen.

Mobile phone networks all work in the area, but reception within the Hall building is limited. There is a public phone in the side entrance.

The Main Hall and the Meeting Room are separately provided with a T-Loop audio system for Hearing aid wearers;  please request that T-Loop be activated and then switch the hearing aid to the T setting. Sit away from the room edges for best reception.

T-Loop available
T-Loop available