Past Events held at the Hall

This is a list of some of the Past Events which have taken place in the Hall.

Date Time Details
1st Sat of Month Letterston Memorial Hall LOTTERY
Sat 28 June 2008 Carnival 2008
Sat 5 July 08 7.30pm Dafydd Iwan in Concert
Sat 15 Nov 08 7.30pm Belly Dance Show
Sat 15 Nov 08 8.00pm AHLAM Dreams Middle Eastern Dance
Mon 17 Nov 08 7pm CHRISTMAS FAIR Hayscastle School
Mon 24 Nov 08 BINGO Hayscastle School
Wed 26 Nov 08 7pm CHRISTMAS FAIR Ysgol Geryllan
Thu 27 Nov 08 7pm “CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL” North Pembs Floral Art Society
Mon 1 Dec 08 BINGO BUFFS
Mon 8 Dec 08 BINGO BUFFS
Wed 10 Dec 08 Afternoon SCHOOL CONCERT Ysgol Geryllan
Thu 11 Dec 08 Evening SCHOOL CONCERT Ysgol Geryllan
Sat 13 Dec 08 7pm “CHRISTMAS IN THE PARLOUR” Opera Playhouse.
Mon 15 Dec 08 BINGO BUFFS
Mon 2 Feb 2009 9-5pm “Basic Food Hygiene” PLANED
Fri 27 Feb 09 9-5pm “Train a Trainer” 5 day course PLANED
Thu 12 Mar 09 1-5pm Urdd Eisteddfod
Tue 17 Mar 09 10-2pm OPEN DAY Swansea University
Tue 17 Mar 09 7pm Fashion Show Presented by Fishguard Soroptomists.
Thu 19 mar 09 12.30pm Urdd Instrumental Eisteddfod
Sat 29 Mar 09 2pm Sponsored Walk, Scolton Manor. in aid of our Flower Festival
9 – 13 Apr 09 All Day Flower Festival Theme: “To The Manor Born”
17,24Ap1,8May09 9-5pm “Train a Trainer” 5 day courses PLANED
Sat 18 April 09 9-2pm 50p SALE in aid of Paul Sartori
Sat 25 April 09 7.30pm Tony Jacobs Swing Cabaret Trio, Night Out Scheme
Sun 3rd May 09 11-3pm Short Mat Bowls Special Day. Open for anybody – give it a try!
Sat 20 Jun 09 FREE DISCO & Selection of Carnival Celebrities
Sat 25 Jul 09 CARNIVAL 2009 (Click for pictures)
4, 6 Aug 09 7.30pm Short Mat Bowls Club Tournament
10 Aug 09 7.30 Short Mat Bowls Village Competition; the Hall Team won!
Thu 24 Sep 09 BROWNIES – former Letterston Brownies invited
Sat 26 Sept 09 7pm-9 DISCO at the Hall Children £1, Adults free
Sat 3 Oct 09 10am-12 Stephen Crabb MP surgery
Mon 12 Oct 09 6pm All the Fun of the FAIR.
Sat 17 Oct 09 7.30pm “OPERA & POPULA” Haverfordwest Operatic Society.
Sat 24 Oct 09 10am-12 SINGING for FUN Anne Hughes (Monthly thereafter)
Tue 27 Oct 09 10am – 2.30 Belly Dance Workshop Guinevere
Sat 31 Oct 09 12-12 YFC Eisteddfod
Mon 9 Nov 09 2pm Alice And The White Rabbit. Night Out
Fri 13 Nov 09 7.30pm CONCERT Côr Abergwaun, Heledd Francis, Soroptomists
Sat 14 Nov 09 7.30pm Hunting The Giants Daughter. Night Out
Tue 24 Nov 09 Start 8pm BINGO Hayscastle School
Wed 25 Nov 09 6pm CHRISTMAS FAIR Ysgol Geryllan
Wed 25 Nov 09 6 to 8pm JEWELLERY PARTY in aid of TENOVUS (Committee Room)
Thu 26 Nov 09 7pm Flower Demonstration North Pembs Floral Art Society
Sat 28 Nov 09 7.30pm WELSH CONCERT In aid of ‘TOVA’
Sun 29 Nov 09 3pm-5 Diamond Jubilee Pensioners’ Tea Party FREE
Mon 30 Nov 09 7.30pm BINGO Hayscastle YFC
Sun 6 Dec 09 3 to 5pm Diamond Jubilee Childrens Party with entertainment FREE
Mon 7 Dec 09 8.30pm BINGO – Buffs
Sat 12 Dec 09 8pm Jazz & Ballroom Dance evening.
Mon 14 Dec 09 8.30pm BINGO – Buffs
Sat 19 Dec 09 8pm ‘till late Diamond Jubilee Dance & Comedian FREE
Mon 21 Dec 09 7.30pm A MUSICAL EVENING ‘12 Days of Christmas’ Anne Hughes
Tue 22 Dec 09 8.30pm BINGO – Buffs
Thu 11 Mar 2010 Urdd Eisteddfod
Fri 9 Apr 10 Welsh Concert Penybont Chapel Wolfscastle
15 May 10 7 to 9pm DISCO and Carnival Choosing!Carnival Queen Ella Evans Attendants:Jemma Mathews & Jessica Jeffries.Carnival King Owain MorganAnd Pages: Devon Taylor, Jack Wright, Rhys Wright
19 June 10 CARNIVAL 2010
3 July 10 11.30 – 5.30 Belly Dance & Circus Skills
Sat 4 Sep 10 Lady and the Tramp’s Supper for Chernobyl Children
30 Oct 10 7-9pm Children’s HALLOWEEN DISCO
12 Nov 10 7.30pm Bilingual CONCERT Treffgarne Owen Play Area Committee
13 Nov 10 7pm LETTERSTON’s GOT TALENT for Children in Need
20 Nov 10 7.30pm Twmpath (Barn Dance) With ‘HANNER ARALL’
23 Nov 10 8.30pm BINGO Hayscastle YFC
24 Nov 10 6pm CHRISTMAS FAIR Ysgol Geryllan
25 Nov 10 7pm FLORAL ART DEMONSTRATION N Pembs Floral Art Soc
27 Nov 10 8pm BELLY DANCE & DISCO for Sunshine Project Charity
6 Dec 10 8.30pm BINGO RAOB Cleddau Lodge
Thu 7 Dec 10 1.30pm CHRISTMAS CONCERT Ysgol Geryllan
Wed 8 Dec 10 6.30pm CHRISTMAS CONCERT Ysgol Geryllan
Mon 13 Dec 10 8.30pm BINGO RAOB Cleddau Lodge
Mon 20 Dec 10 8.30pm BINGO RAOB Cleddau Lodge
Mon 10 Jan 2011 10 am – 12 SINGING for FUN! Anne Hughes Monthly
Thu 24 Mar 11 12-5pm URDD EISTEDDFOD Primary Schools
Sat 9 April 11 7.30pm CONCERT GILLIAN ELISA Penybont Chapel, Wolfscastle
Tue 12 April 11 8.30pm EASTER BINGO Hayscastle YFC
Tue 19 April 11 7pm Path of Light Spiritual Church 07738623402
Tue 3 May 11 7-9.30pm SOLAR PANELS
Sat 7 May 11 7-9pm CHILDRENS DISCO to Choose Carnival King, Queen …
Thu 12 May 11 7pm Ysgol Bro Gwaun Year 12 AS Drama ‘Surfing on Suicide’
17 May 11 7.30pm HOS ‘The Sorcerer’ By Gilbert & Sullivan
27 May 11 Week Flower Festival was unfortunately cancelled at the Planning stage due to funding issues
Sat 11 June 11 All Day Letterston Annual CARNIVAL 2011
Sat 11 June 11 7.30pm RAISE THE ROOF for CHERNOBYL
Sun 13 Jun 11 4pm SANKEY FESTIVAL & SERVICE aid of R.B.Legion
Sat 25 June 11 7.30 POPULAR SONG with TONY JACOBS
Thu 7 July 11 7-10pm SHORT MAT BOWLS Why not give it a try. All welcome
Sat 23 July 11 10-5pm BEAD FAIR
Sat 23 July 11 8pm Rod Stevens HYPNOTIST In aid of Fishguard Sea Cadets
Sat 8 Oct 11 6 for 7pm Aber Valley Male Voice Choir
Sat 29 Oct 11 7-9pm Children’s HALLOWEEN DISCO
Sat 12 Nov 11 7pm Children In Need TALENT CONTEST
Sat 19 Nov 11 7.30pm Haverfordwest Operatic Society
Tues 22 Nov 11 8pm POULTRY BINGO Hayscastle YFC
24 Nov 2011 7pm FLOWER DEMONSTRATION Norths Pembs Floral Art
Mon 5 Dec 11 8.30pm POULTRY BINGO RAOB
Tues 6 Dec 11 1.30pm Christmas Show Ysgol Geryllan
Wed 7 Dec 11 1.30pm HUMBUG! By Tim Baker
Wed 7 Dec 11 6pm Christmas Show Ysgol Geryllan
Sat 10 Dec 11 7pm PATH OF LIGHT Spiritualist Special evening.
Mon 12 Dec 11 8.30pm POULTRY BINGO RAOB
Sat 17 Dec 11 7-9pm Children’s DISCO
Mon 19 Dec 11 8.30pm POULTRY BINGO RAOB
Sat 21April 2012 8pm SPRING CONCERT – Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
Sat 12 May 12 DISCO Choosing the Carnival King, Queen
2 June 12 3-5pm Pensioners’ Jubilee Tea – see our pictures
Sat 14 July 2012 7.30pm RAISE THE ROOF! Singing For Fun concert.
Sat 21 July 12 All day ANNUAL CARNIVAL 2012 click to view
Wed 22 Aug 12 7.30pm Shalom House presents frozen planet
Sat 29Sep 12 7.30pm TWMPATH Dawns Folk Dance
31st Oct 12 7-9pm Childrens Halloween DISCO
Fri 2nd Nov 12 8-11pm Halloween Ballroom Night
Sat 17th Nov 2012 7.30pm Children in Need Talent Competition
Thu 22 Nov 12 6pm North Pembrokeshire Floral Art Society A Berry Merry Christmas
Mon 26 Nov 12 8.30pm Christmas Bingo
Thu 29 Nov 12 9.30-3.30 Want to Work?
3,10,17 Dec 12 7.30pm Charity Turkey Bingo RAOB Eyes Down 8.30pm
Fri 14th Dec 12 1.30pm Round The Back! Aargol Touring Theatre Company
Sat 22 Dec 12 7pm-8.30 Raise The Roof! Singing For Fun Wales Air Ambulance
Fri 1st March 2013 7.30pm Haverfordwest Male Voice Choir CAWL A CHÂN featuring Letterston School
Fri 24 May 13 7-9pm CHILDRENs DISCO Choosing of Carnival Queen and Attendants
Sat 15 June 13  Afternoon ANNUAL CARNIVAL 2013 ANNUAL CARNIVAL 2013 Click for pictures!
Sat 13 July 13 7.30pm-8.45 Raise The Roof! Sing for Paul Sartori. Singing For Fun
2,9,16 Dec 13 7.30pm RAOB Charity Turkey BINGO
Sun 22 Dec 13 3pm A Christmas Concert in Aid of RNLI Singing For Fun
2 Jan 2014 7.30pm Family Pantomime Beauty and the Beast
Sat 25th Jan 14 7.30pm CONCERT Haverfordwest Male Voice Choir, Goodwick Brass Band, Joy Cornock and Catrin Raymond
Wed 26 Feb 14 8pm Meat Bingo. Farmers’ Union of Wales
Thu 27th Feb 14 7pm Letterston Community Action Group, with PLANED
Sat 1st Mar 14 9.30am Breadmaking – Welsh Breads, Pembrokeshire College
Fri 28th Mar 14 5pm-7 Paul Davies your Assembly Member Advice Surgery
Sat 12th April 14 7.30pm Poultry Bingo, Fishguard Show
Tues 15 April 14 10am – 1pm Community Voice Event
Fri 9 May 14 Boxing Competition. Merlins Bridge ABC
Sat 17 May 14 Clarbeston Road Players:Two plays: Duplex (Drama), Four Play (Comedy)
Thu 22 May 14 7am to 10pm Election of Members of the European Parliament
Sat 24 May 14 7-9pm Childrens DISCO! Choosing the Carnival King, Queen and Attendants
Thu 12 Jun 14 7.30pm TABLE TOP SALE Carers Week Summer Fayre
Sat 14 Jun 14 7pm QUIZ NIGHT Organised by Bethel Chapel, Fishguard
Sat 21 Jun 14 2pm Carnival 2014
Wed 9 Jul 14  10am-4pm  CHECK YOUR HEALTH  Lifeline Screening UK
10/11 Jul 14 All days Penybanc Wind Turbines Public Inquiry Hearing
Sat 12 Jul 14 7.30pm Singing For Fun Concert for Wales Air Ambulance
Sat 8th Nov 14 8pm THE NEW ROPE STRING BAND  ‘Night Out’ scheme
 Sat 15th Nov 14  11am  Charity Coffee and Craft Fayre!  Bobath Wales and SNAP
Thu 20th Nov 14 Floral Art, Cookery Demonstration. Tenovus
 Sun 23rd Nov 14  7.30pm  Peter Karrie’s Live Small Halls Tour Featuring Nigel Hart on Piano
Thu 27th Nov 14 7pm Floral Art Demonstration Organised by North Pembs Floral Art Group
Fri 28th Nov 14 7.30pm CONCERT Haverfordwest Male Voice Choir and Goodwick Brass Band
 Mon1,8,15Dec14  8.30pm  Poultry BINGOS by  R.A.O.B. (Buffs)
Sun 21 Dec 14 3pm CONCERT Raise The Roof! in aid of The Salvation Army by Singing For Fun
 Tue 27 Jan 15  3pm-5pm  Let’s Talk Health. Hywel Dda University Health Board and Community Health Council
Fri 30 Jan 15 5 – 7pm Advice Surgery with Paul Davies, Welsh Assembly Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire
Sat 31 Jan 15 2 – 5pm TABLE TOP SALE Crafts with Tigerlilly Craft Boutique and Sugar Rush
Fri 20 Mar 15  1030-330  Pembrokeshire’s 50+ Central Forum
Annual Conference – CELEBRATION OF AGING
 Tue 14 Apr 15  2-4pm  TEA DANCE at the Hall
 Sat 16 May 15  Carnival CHOOSING DISCO
 Sat 13 Jun 15  Carnival 2015
 Tue 16 Jun 15  730pm  Quiz organised by Letterston Buffs
 Fri 19 Jun 15  1-3pm  Stephen Crabb MPs urgery
 Sun 21 Jun 15  930-230  Breadmaking by Pembrokeshire College
 Sat 27 Jun 15  230pm  Musical Theatre Show Jen’s Juniors (7-11yrs)
 Sat 27 Jun 15  730pm  Concert Singing For Fun in aid of Paul Sartori
Sat 11 Jul 15  730pm Hypnotist Road Stevens Charity Show
 Tue 28 Jul 15  8pm Roby Lakatos Ensemble Hungarian Violinist
 Sun 9 Aug 15  6.30pm Peter Karrie with Jen’s Juniors
 Fri 9 Oct 15  8pm  New Rope String band
Sat 24 Oct 15 7.30pm Karen Wilson ‘Medium Night’
Wed 28 Oct 15 6.30pm Hallowean Disco
 Thu 19 Nov 15  7pm  Floral Art Demonstration with Carols NPFAS
Thu 26 Nov 15 7pm Festive Food and Flowers. Tenovus
Mon 30 Nov 15 8.30pm Buffs Poultry BINGO. Also 7,14 Dec
 Fri 11 Dec 15  7.30pm  Amateur Boxing
Sat 20 Dec15 3pm Singing For Fun Christmas Concert for RNLI
Tue 22 Dec15 6.30pm Childrens Fancy Dress Disco
 Tue 29 Dec15  7.30pm Pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk
Sat 19 Mar 16 10am-2pm Coffee Morning and Table Top Sale Trefgarn Owen
Sat 19 Mar 16 7.30pm Promise Auction. Ysgol Casblaidd
Tue 22 Mar 16 8.30pm Buffs Easter Turkey BINGO
 Sat 23 Apr 16  7.30pm  A Ceilidh. The Saints & Stones Group
 Sat 18 Jun 16  Carnival 2016
8 to 12 Jul 16 Flower Festival 2016
Sat 16 Jul 16 7.30pm Raise The Roof for Wales Air Ambulance
Sat 3 Sep 16 10am-5pm Ambience Holistics
Relaxation and Wellness Day
Sat 3 Sep 16 7.30pm Grand Charity Concert. In aid of St Dogwells Church & Wales Air Ambulance
 Fri 7 Oct 16  Paul Davies Advice Surgery
Sat 15 Oct 16 7.30pm Seven Ages Show, Kepow Theatre
Thu 10 Nov 16 7.30pm Festive Food & Flowers. Tenovus
 Sat 12 Nov 16  10-4  Craft Fayre; proceeds to MIND Pembrokeshire
Thu 17 Nov 16 7.30pm Christmas Floral Art Demo by Adrian Cooke
 Mon 28 Nov 16  8.30pm  Buffs Charity Turkey Bingo. Also 5th, 12th Dec
 Sun 18 Dec 16  2.30pm  Concert ‘Raise The Roof’ Singing for Fun. RNLI
Fri 30 Dec 16 7.30pm Beauty & Beast Pantomime Talegate Theatre
Sat 8 Apr 17 10-2pm Village Defibrillator Demonstrations
Sat 8 Apr 17 7.30pm Grand Concert Goodwick Brass Band,  Bella Voce
Wed 12 Apr 17 7pm Hustings: Question County Council candidates
Mon 24 Apr 17 2.30pm Meditation Classes started as a trial
Fri 28 Apr 17 1.30pm Start of Six Week Course on Yoga
Sat 29 Apr 17 10.30am Start of Six Week Course on Yoga
Tue 23 May 17 7.30pm Colour My World, North Pembrokeshire Floral Art Society, host Jonathan Moseley
Sat 10 Jun 17 10.30am Messy Play started as a trial
Sat 10 Jun 17 7-10pm Gaffa’s Disco (choosing Carnival King/Queen)
Sat 15 Jul 17 Carnival 2017
Fri 21 Jul 17 Paul Davies AM advice surgery
Sat 22 Jul 17 Concert (Singing For Fun choir) in aid of Lions
 Sat 29 Jul 17  2pm Musical Theatre Show By Jen’s Juniors
Thu 14 Sep 17 8.30pm Psychic evening with TREZ
Sat 16 Sep 17 7pm Singing for Grenfell Tower kids’ holiday
 Sun 24 Sep 17 10.30-5pm Qi Gong – True to our roots
 Sun 24 Sep 17 3pm TENOVUS car Treasure Hunt
 Sat 30 Sep 17  8pm  Call Mr Robinson Night Out Show
 Sun 8 Oct 17  2.30pm  Alliouagana Singers
13-15 Oct 17 Exhibition of Old Photos
Sun 15 Oct 17 7.30pm Sankey Singing
Mon 30 Oct 17 3.30-6.30pm Jungle Cubs Halloween Spooktacular
Thu 16 Nov 17 7pm TENOVUS Festive Food and Flowers
Fri 24 Nov 17 7.39pm The Three Muskateers. Three Half Pints farewell tour
Sun 10 Dec 17 2.30 Christmas Concert (Singing For Fun choir) for WAA
4, 11, 18 Dec 17 8.30pm RAOB Poultry Bingo
Thu 14 Dec 17 2pm Panto. Dress Up For Christmas. Circo Rum Ba Ba
Fri 29 Dec 17 7pm Panto. Dick Whittington. Talegate Theatre Company
 Sat 17 Mar 18  2pm  The Chef Show A fusion of play and cookery demonstration
Sat 24 Mar 18 7pm Chip Shop Chips A Northern Sole love story and a Chippy Tea
Thu 14 Jun18 7pm Skittles Night
Fri 15 Jun18 7pm Family Disco – Choosing Carnival Queen & King
Sun 8 Jul18 2.30pm Jen’s Juniors Musical Theatre Show
Fri 13Jul18 Surgeries Paul Davies AM, Cllr Michelle Bates
Sat 14Jul18 1pm Carnival 2018
Sat 21 Jul18 7.30pm Raise The Roof singing for fun for Parkinsons
Wed 25Jul18 7.30pm Dodo Street Band (Fishguard Music Festival)
Fri 31Aug18 9am-1pm Messy Play 6mnths-5yrs
Sat 1Sep18 9am Car Boot and FUN DAY
Sun 9Sep18 10am Enhance Your Health & Fitness Naturally
Sat 15Sep18 7.30pm Singing For Fun Concert for Paul Sartori
Thu 20 Sep18 2-4pm Knit & natter (PAVS)
Sat 22Sep18 7.30pm Railroad Bill Skiffle Band
Fri 26Sep18 5.30pm Harndcarfted Woord-Fired Pizza. Also 2,16Nov
Fri 28Sep18 7pm Wolfscastle’s Got Talent
Thu 15Nov18 7pm Food & Flowers Demonstration, Tenovus
Sat 17Nov18 2-5pm Christmas Fayre
Mon 3,10,17 Dec 8.30pm Poultry BINGO run by ‘Buffs’
Sat 8Dec18 12noon Christmas Party in aid of Luka Foundation
Sun 16Dec18 1.30pm SingingForFun Concert for Wales Air Ambulance
Sun 30Dec18 7pm PANTO Sleeping Beauty
Fri 8 Feb19 730pm Juliet and Romeo by ‘Lost Dog’
Thu 28 Feb19 8pm An Evening of Mediumship with Karen Wilson
Sun 17 Mar 19 11am Table Top Sale for charities
Fri 5 Apr 19 6.30pm Easter Bingo. Wolfscastle Sch. Parents & Friends
Fri 12 Apr 19 7pm Concert Haverfordwest Male Voice Choir
Fri 26 Apr 19 2pm Sesiwyn ‘Play in Welsh’ session
Sat 15 Jun 19 7.30pm SingingForFun Concert for local causes
Thu 4 Jul 19 6.30pm Treasure Hunt Fishguard YFC
Fri 12 Jul 19 4-6pm Paul Daviews, AM, Advice Surgery
Sat 13 Jul 19 1pm on Letterston Carnival 2019
Sat 27 Jul 19 7.30pm She’Koyokh Fishguard International Festival
Thu 22 Aug 19 7.30pm The Swing Boyz & Jiveoholics. Aberjazz Festival
Sat 14 Sep 19 7.30pm Singing For Fun Concert in aid of Shalom & Paul Sartori
Sat 28 Sep 19 7.30pm In aid of Liv. Magic by Trickys Demon Magic, specialist in Close-up Magic
Tue 22 Oct 19 7.30pm Karen Wilson, Medium. In aid of Paul Sartori in memory of Wendy Rees
Sat 26 Oct 19 7pm Swingin’ Bills Vintage Revue
Thu 7 Nov 19 7.30pm Food & Flowers Demonstration in aid of Tenovus
Sat 9 Nov 19 5.30pm The Unknown Soldier Grist Theatre Co
Sun 10 Nov 19 Sankey Singing festival
Sat 16 Nov 19 11am-5pm Christmas Fair. Hayscastle WI
Sat 30 Nov 19 Tea Party for Letterston Senior Citizens
Mon 2,9,16Dec19 8.30pm Poultry Bingo ‘Buffs’
Sun 15 Dec 19 2.30pm Singing For Fun Concert in aid of Charity
Sun 29 Dec 19 7pm PANTO: Aladdin Talegate Theatre
Wed 12 Feb 20 7pm Peer Support Workshop. Cancelled due to Coronavirus
Sat 27 Jun 20 7.30pm Singing For Fun Concert in aid of Wales Air Ambulance. Cancelled due to Coronavirus