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In support of your Memorial Hall

Your chance to WIN £100 each Month!

Join the other lucky winners!


To collect funds to help run and maintain the Hall whilst giving local people the chance to win a monthly prize.


People who pay £1 weekly by Direct Debit are allocated a LMH Lottery Draw Number from 1 to 49.

Each month the person or persons whose LHM Lottery Draw Number is the same as the National ‘Lotto’  ‘Bonus Ball’ number on the first Saturday of the month is declared a winner of our monthly Lottery and wins £100.

If there are more than 49 people then there might be more than one winner in a month.

How to Join

Joining our Hall Lottery is easy; simply fill in a Direct Debit Form available from Babs.
For further details please contact:

Babs Johnson 01348  872282 / 840604