Stage Lighting

Master Switch

For safety, all Stage lights are controlled through a locked Master switch box:

Stage lighting master switch

Master Stage Lighting Switch



Video Screen, Video Projector, Individual Sockets
Socket 1
Socket 2
mains Isolator


For discos and parties, it is possible to select and plug up to six disco lights into independent switches without using the Lighting Desk, but Stage productions will probably require the use of the Zero88 DMX Stage Lighting Desk which is shown below.

Zero88 Lighting Desk

Zero88 Lighting Desk

Lighting Desk

Lights are controlled by the signal from the Lighting Desk which adjusts the outputs of two Zero88 Chilli lighting controller boxes into which the actual stage lights are plugged (via a patch panel).

This shows the two Chilli power controller units, with the DMX input signal cables on the right:

Chilli power controller units

Chilli power controller units


There are some 19 lights of 500W each so nearly 20kW!

There is DANGER of FIRE if  a curtain is left in front of one of the stage lights.

There may be a small additional charge for prolonged use of stage lights to cover electricity usage.

After the lights have been used, it is good practice to allow them and their housings to cool down slowly for a minute before finally switching off.

All overhead lights have a safety sling to prevent accidental dropping.

All the stage electrics are tested and certified once a year.